Warehousing services

As a subsidiary of Qingdao ZG-EXPRESS Supply Chain Group, Chengye International shares the resources of the group company. The group company has a bonded warehouse, general cargo warehouse, and constant temperature food warehouse of 60000 square meters, a bulk container yard of 20000 square meters, an import and export commodity exhibition hall of 2000 square meters, and an annual inbound and outbound loading and unloading capacity of 700000 tons. It is a comprehensive service provider integrating the port and warehouse of Qingdao Port Area.


An excellent warehousing service provider with strong security and high professionalism in the company's warehouse. We not only have a superior warehousing environment, but also our own high standard Class CII high platform warehouse, with 24-hour online monitoring to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your goods. We also have a self-developed WMS management system that uses scanning guns and other equipment to manage multiple SKU goods, achieving first in, first out for goods, and providing customers with intelligent inventory management such as VMI and JIT, ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of your goods in and out.

The company always adheres to the concept of "safety first, customer first", providing you with safe and professional customs clearance protection.

Main Business:

Storage services: general cargo storage, bonded storage, constant temperature storage, outdoor storage yard, etc.


Project services: export goods consolidation, import goods distribution, domestic goods allocation, transit and transit container storage, etc.


Port services: storage, sorting, labeling, changing packaging, palletizing and wrapping, weighing, etc.


Bulk container yard: storage and assembly of large equipment, transfer of ship accessories, container storage, etc.

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