Make every attempt to serve customers and assist in the development of enterprises

Qingdao Chengye International Logistics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Chengye International) was established in August 2000. Its predecessor was China COSCO Shipping Logistics Joint Venture and it was the founding company of ZG-EXPRESS Group. For more than 20 years, we have never forgotten our original intention, worked hard, and devoted ourselves to import and export customs clearance. We are one of the first batch of AEO customs senior certification enterprises. There are three major tax management centers in company, namely the Mechanical and Electrical Customs Clearance Center, the Chemical Textile Customs Clearance Center, the Food Customs Clearance Center, and the Customs Administration Center, which correspond to each other one by one. We interprets the new policies of the Customs and delves deeper into business difficulties,and have been awarded the title of National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise, Shandong Province Service Standardization Demonstration Unit, and Shandong Province's Top 50 Logistics and Procurement Industry and so on...

Chengye International is a gold medal customs clearance service provider that has been focusing on import and export customs clearance for 23 years. We have an experienced, pragmatic, rigorous, and skilled customs clearance team. The company has more than 60 employees, with 50% of them having over 15 years of experience. We interpret the new customs policies from a professional perspective to avoid risks and not only ensure the safety of goods, but also plan the most reasonable logistics plan for you, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Chengye International always adheres to the business philosophy of "Make every attempt to serve customers and assist in the development of enterprises", providing you with safe and professional customs clearance protection.

Corporate Culture

Corporate mission

Leading the development of the industry, cultivating outstanding talents, and creating a better future for employees.

Business philosophy

Make every attempt to serve customers and assist in the development of enterprises.

Corporate spirit

Manage oneself and surpass oneself.


Since you choose, persist in carving and never regret it for a lifetime.

Employment standards

Virtue comes first, talent comes top; Dare to take responsibility, only then can it be applied.

Development History

In 2000, Chengye Logistics was established


In 2004, NVOCC


In 2005, Corporate was approved as a first-class aviation agency qualification


In 2006, Shandong Province's logistics industry ranked among the top 50 in comprehensive strength


In 2008, a member unit of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing


In 2009, acting as an agent for inspection and quarantine of Class A enterprises


In 2010, Customs Double A Class Enterprises


In 2011, Qingdao's outstanding contribution to foreign trade enterprises


In 2012, joined the WAC World Freight Transport Union


In 2014, international express delivery qualification


In 2015, National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprises AEO certified enterprise


In 2016, Qingdao Foreign Trade Innovation Enterprise

Shandong Province Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Enterprise


In 2017, the demonstration enterprises of Qingdao Cross border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone

The Khorgos Office of the "the Belt and Road" Free Trade Posthouse


In 2018, overseas warehouses in South Korea and the United States were established


In 2019, the Japan office was established


In 2021, joined the Qingdao West Coast New Area Warehousing and Logistics Association


Honorary Qualifications

Comprehensive Top 50

key unit

Quality Management System Certification

Small and micro enterprises

Logistics and procurement member units

Demonstration enterprises

Food Distribution License

Shandong Province Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Enterprise

Shandong Province Service Standardization Demonstration Unit

Shandong Cross border E-commerce Public Overseas Warehouse

Top 10 Import and Export Enterprises in Shandong Province

Shandong Working Committee

National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise

National demonstration unit for corporate culture construction

Council Members

Express Delivery Business Operation License

Business Qualification Registration Certificate

Vice President of Transportation Unit

Service standardization demonstration unit

AEO Certified Enterprise Certificate


Honest enterprise

Qualification Certificate for Packaging and Application of Outbound Goods

Agency inspection for Class A enterprise units

Enterprises with Outstanding Contributions to Foreign Trade

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