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The company has three major tax management centers, namely the Mechanical and Electrical Customs Clearance Center, the Chemical Textile Customs Clearance Center, the Food Customs Clearance Center, and the Customs Administration Center, which correspond to each other. They interpret the new customs policies in real time, deeply explore business difficulties, and have been awarded the title of National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise, Shandong Province Service Standardization Demonstration Unit, Shandong Province Logistics and Procurement Industry Top 50, and the first batch of AEO Customs Advanced Certification Enterprises.

Main Business:

Food clearance center

Qualification agency: animal and plant approval processing, automatic import license processing, label review, etc

Cold chain customs clearance: frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen fruits, etc

Grain customs clearance: soybeans, corn, sorghum, mung beans, peas, etc

Pre packaged food customs clearance: alcoholic beverages, beverages, biscuits, snacks, nuts, candies, etc

Dairy product customs clearance: milk powder and infant formula, cheese, ice cream, etc

Food raw material customs clearance: starch, syrup, white sugar, edible oil, etc

Plant based customs clearance: vegetables, fruits, seasonings, plant feed, etc

Cosmetic customs clearance: general category, special category, etc


Mechanical and Electrical Clearance Center

Qualification agency: processing of origin certificate, mechanical and electrical license, customs tax reduction and exemption, processing of processing trade manual, 3C certification, etc

Mechanical equipment customs clearance: agricultural machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, petrochemical machinery, packaging machinery, environmental protection machinery, etc

Electrical equipment customs clearance: transformers, motors, high and low voltage switches, wires and cables, batteries, etc

Customs clearance for transportation vehicles: cargo trucks, sedans, new energy vehicles, motorcycles, yachts, etc

Electronic and electrical product customs clearance: household appliances, communication equipment, capacitors, electronic components, etc

Customs clearance of instruments and meters: automation instruments, optical instruments, composition analyzers, automotive instruments and meters, electrical equipment, etc

Customs clearance of metal products: ferrous metals and their products, non-ferrous metals and their products, special metals and their products, etc

Special area customs clearance: entry and exit customs clearance in bonded zones, logistics parks, comprehensive bonded zones, public bonded warehouses, sea land air rail intermodal transportation bonded transit, bonded one-day tours, etc

Chemical Textile Customs Clearance Center

Qualification agency: MSDS, classification identification report, transportation identification certificate, ingredient testing report, etc

Rubber category: natural rubber, mixed rubber, composite rubber, nitrile rubber, etc.

Oil category: fuel oil, crude oil, lubricating oil, etc

Plastic category: HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP, PS, PC, etc. Wood category: logs, boards, wooden products, etc

Aper categories: fluff pulp, broadleaf pulp, coniferous pulp, kraft paper, kraft paper, newsprint, copperplate paper, etc

Chemicals: fertilizers, catalysts, solvents, feed additives, etc.

Dangerous goods: Class 6, 8, and 9 dangerous goods.

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