Linyi cheng industry supply chain management co., LTD., established in March 2019, registered in linyi comprehensive free trade zone, is the Qingdao international logistics co., LTD., a subsidiary of shing industry holding company, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, main business includes: bonded warehousing, customs clearance, sea air booking, general cargo, logistics distribution, loading and unloading handling logistics supply chain management such as conventional international logistics business; In addition, linyi tongbao supply chain management co., LTD was established as a joint venture with linyi comprehensive bonded zone. According to the market demand of linyi, the company provides financial supporting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as financing guarantee, opening letters of credit, trade agency, financial pledge, etc. In may of the same year, in accordance with the market demand of linyi, linyi is a famous domestic base for small commodity wholesale, and also one of the first pilot cities for market procurement business approved by the general 
administration of customs except yiwu. In order to take
root in linyi market and with the help of Qingdao logistics
experience and excellent team, our company has acquired
nearly 100 mu of land in the seining net of linyi district, 
and constructed bonded warehouse area of about 60,000 m2
in two phases. Zhensheng realizes comprehensive supply 
chain services including trade agency, financial pledge, letter
of credit, sea and air transport, logistics customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, etc., so that the whole process
of goods can be managed and controlled, providing safe 
and efficient one-stop butler logistics solution customized 
service for domestic and foreign customers!

Corporate mission:
serve customers, innovate for the industry, and enrich employees. 

Business philosophy:
act with conscience and carry things with virtue. 

Enterprise spirit: self-management and self-transcendence.

Values: since the choice, adhere to carve, life without regret. 

Standard of employing:
morality first, just for up; Dare to bear, because only applicable. 

Unity of knowledge and action: 
take a stand, see action, and see results. 

Company vision:
the tree sincere industry brand, build a hundred - yearfoundation.