Chengye customs clearance is a team of customs clearance operations under the group, and has won the honorary titles of "national excellent customs declaration enterprise", "customs AEO advanced certification enterprise", etc. Its main business includes: import and export customs planning, customs declaration, inspection, customs transshipment, transit, inspection, supervision of loading/unloading and other related customs operations; In line with the operation standard of "honest industry customs clearance, fast and leading", we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, professional, fast and flexible customs clearance programs, truly play the role of a bridge 

between customs clearance enterprises, making customs clearance more standardized and user-friendly; The customs department has dozens of professional senior customs declaration and inspection personnel, and many experts with ten years of experience in customs clearance, to do a good job of "customs declaration products". Good service; We in line with the customs declaration industry spirit of "good faith, law-abiding, advocating professional, self-discipline, pragmatic and innovative", strengthen the construction of customs declaration brand, strengthen customs work standards and integrity management, reduce the error rate to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, do customer care housekeeping clearance! 

Chengye customs clearance service value/advantage:
● Full qualifications
Our company is one of the first batch of AEO advanced certification enterprises and national excellent customs declaration enterprises of the customs. We are the pilot unit for the key promotion of new policies and new businesses of huangdao customs, enjoying preferential customs clearance conditions and improving customs clearance efficiency.
● Fich experience
The customs clearance team has more than 20 customs personnel with more than 10 years of experience, and more than 15 customs personnel with more than 5 years of experience in the industry. The specific customs clearance categories are divided into: chemical and textile customs clearance department, mechanical and electrical customs clearance department, and food customs clearance department to provide more targeted one-to-one customs clearance solutions for customers to solve their doubts.
● Convenient and efficient supply chain management
Provide import trade agent, booking space, international transport, domestic customs declaration, warehousing, transportation door to door services.
● Security/convenience
The leader of the customs clearance team has more than 16 years of experience in customs declaration operation and management. The error rate of a five-star customs broker is 50% of the industry's average error rate for three consecutive years. Qingdao port customs area covers all branches, with a complete range of business types (bonded, non-bonded, processing zone business, special trade clearance, etc.), providing one-stop customs clearance services for customers.
● Value-added services
Provide accurate front-end product consulting services, commodity pre-classification, understand product characteristics, policies and regulations, improve the accuracy of product cost budget, avoid tax code verification risk, reduce trade risk and customs violation risk; Provide comprehensive logistics solutions to achieve cost reduction and efficiency.
The service is introduced
Since its establishment, Qingdao chengye international logistics co., ltd. has been focusing on import and export customs clearance of mechanical and electrical equipment and has accumulated rich experience in customs clearance. Mechanical and electrical equipment clearance has been the most difficult business in the import and export industry. Our company through 17 years of practice to improve, our company agent machinery and equipment import and export clearance far ahead of the same industry enterprises. Our company provides import and export right, equipment customs classification, import documents (O license), used equipment import record, central inspection, international transport, import clearance and other import agent services.
Service advantages
1, professional and efficient: large-scale production enterprises import and export business service experience, product type diversification, business rigorous professional degree, to provide value-added services and reasonable Suggestions, for the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
2, special business: large bulk cargo ship import and export business experience, can undertake various products of bulk cargo ship domestic and foreign trade business.
3, senior team: freight, customs clearance, inspection professionals, experienced to solve all kinds of difficult problems, to provide you with logistics solutions. High accuracy, no errors, customer service satisfaction.
4. Diversified business types: including land, sea and air logistics business, cross-border e-commerce business, bonded warehousing business, manual business, duty free table business, comprehensive security zone business in the processing zone, etc.
5. Value-added services: provide product tax number classification, provide consultation and handling of various certificates required by the customs, such as certificate of origin, mechanical and electrical certificate, etc.

Successful cases
I. assisting customers to solve problems
Case study:
Some steel import and export company, our company agents of some large enterprise imported steel, due to the temporary influenced by Japan's high risk event metal materials, the company name to import many products is divided into the high risk of metallic materials, system polarizer to smoke in the inspection and request inspection, as a result of the inspection and laboratory results for a long time, in accordance with the provisions in the qualified test results cannot be used without authorization before transferring the goods, which directly affect the normal production of the factory plan, lead to the import and export orders can't be at home and abroad, it is for a large processing enterprises. To help customer solve this problem, the relevant person in charge of my department repeatedly run the customs to coordinate this problem, considering the actual situation of enterprises, and with the help of the unit leadership for instructions related departments at the next higher level, and finally the customs approval of leadership: imported by our company for every product information, complete records in the same country, the same batch, do the first three batches of the same type of product inspection, other batches according to the system of normal inspection, thus to help customers solve the problem of shortage of the imported raw materials, in time for the customer to win the benefit.

The service is introduced
Qingdao port is a big port for domestic chemical textile products and imported food. Relying on the port advantages, chengye logistics is committed to the clearance of bulk chemical textile and miscellaneous products, mainly undertaking import and export clearance of rubber, lubricating oil, particles, raw paper, pulp, cotton, clothing, imported wine, frozen meat products, fresh fruit and other products.
Service advantages
Provide "honesty industry fast customs clearance, leading" the experience of service, the spinning practice of customs clearance department has accumulated rich experience in customs clearance, according to different products for custom clearance, one-on-one specialist, from the single, document examination, classification, declaration, inspection and release the each link of personnel service, at the same time through the effective integration of all aspects of information, coupled with a large number of cases operation experience, can provide customers with the most advantage of the spinning products import and export customs clearance agent services.
Successful cases
Our company and a packaging co., LTD. Long-term cooperation, the main import products: plastic particles, white board paper, cattle card paper. After the arrival of the goods at the port, verify the commodity code of the products according to the data provided by the customer, and ensure the accuracy of the declared data; According to the emergency of production demand, choose bonded warehouse or non-bonded warehouse, flexible operation, reduce the enterprise capital pressure; According to the requirements of the plan, the products are delivered in time by model and brand, so that our company is the logistics department of the enterprise. Professional operators one-to-one docking, one-stop service. Optimize logistics supply chain solutions for customers and improve customer capital turnover. Deeply trusted by customers 
Cosmetics import declaration case sharing
Cosmetics refer to the chemical industrial products or fine chemical products that are spread on any part of the human body surface by daub, spray or other similar methods, such as skin, hair, toenails, lips and teeth, etc., in order to achieve cleaning, maintenance, beauty, modification and change the appearance, or modify the human body odor and maintain a good state. The approval processing time is relatively long, so the difficulty of cosmetics import lies in the approval, if the information is complete, there are relevant qualifications, can be very smooth customs clearance!
The service is introduced
With the continuous growth of China's national economy, the increase of per capita income and the acceleration of urbanization, ordinary people are increasingly pursuing high-quality life quality. People's consumption level has been gradually improved and upgraded, the food grade has been gradually from the past to nutrition, health, leisure, flavor and experience, the import of FMCG customs declaration agent has entered the life of urban people. Chengye logistics insight into the needs of food clearance department to provide import and export of a variety of wine, cheese, cashews, frozen meat, fresh fruit and other food import and export clearance, inspection and quarantine, booking space, constant temperature storage and other comprehensive logistics services.
Service advantages
Food customs clearance department has more than 10 years has rich experience in field operation personnel, and the customs has the good communication coordinated ability, can according to different products, different countries, and inspection and quarantine requirements, provide services, policy interpretation, guarantee from the single, document examination, classification, declaration, inspection, release, storage each link seamlessly, truly "fast, safe, timely, make your product delivered to the customer in the first time.
Successful cases
In July 2018, our company was acting as an agent for a frozen warehouse in Qingdao to import a batch of frozen meat from the United States. This import is the first time for the warehouse to import food. First, our company classifies HS accurately according to the description of goods provided by the customer, and confirms the need for commodity inspection clearance form and automatic import license. Secondly, check the three conditions of entry before commodity inspection: 1. The corresponding meat products of the countries and enterprises listed in the quarantine and quarantine list of meat products can be imported. The list of entry can be found on the website of the general administration of customs. 2. For the registration information of imported meat overseas production factory, please see the website of the general administration of customs; The consignee or consignor of imported meat products shall be put on record for administration, and shall go through the formalities of entry quarantine examination and approval before signing the contract. Finally, in the customs clearance process after the goods arrive at the port, when the commodity inspection certificate is not consistent with the batch of goods, our company actively coordinates with the commodity inspection and explains, issues letter of guarantee to apply to the commodity inspection for warehousing, for the customer to avoid high demurrage fees, overdue refrigeration fees, etc. Choose the frozen food bank to ensure the safety of the goods and truly become the logistics manager of the customer; More than 10 years of experience of the operator professional docking, one-stop service, you are trustworthy.