Qingdao industry logistics warehouse located the former bay bonded port area logistics park free port road 17, near stage QQCT3 scythe bay river crossing and QQCTU4 terminals, the company has its own bonded warehouse more than 50000 square meters, including industrial base of 13000 square meters, bulk storage area of 20000 square meters, Qingdao port only high-end thermostatic food bank 13000 square, the inspection of specified inspection library, all the year round temperature 16 ℃ to 22 ℃ (5 ℃ - 18 ℃ adjustable), 5000 - square - meter cross-border electricity company logistics distribution warehouse. Lingang non - insurance warehouse 10000 square meters. For cheng logistics industry inland expansion, shing 

industry in March 2019, Qingdao, linyi heddle area management committee and the local linyi a well-known logistics company cooperation, establishment of linyi cheng industry co., LTD in all confirmed by self-purchased land in the area of one hundred mu, bonded warehouse/distribution self-built 60000 square, this is Qingdao shing industry following the binzhou, jinan in the mainland and a major outside warehousing project investment; We believe that the professional warehousing team with over 20 years of experience and rich management experience will provide you with more economical, faster and safer one-stop warehousing