Iraqi manifest & new rules for certificate of origin!

Date of issue:2019-05-19 18:06
Friends who have goods exported to Iraq need to pay attention. The Iraqi customs has the following new regulations on imported goods. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles and losses, please make preparations in advance:
First, Iraqi customs import goods mandatory requirements
1) the bill of lading shall show the actual name of the commodity; Therefore, "general goods" is not acceptable as a description of a commodity. The bill of lading shall show the exact goods/merchandise.
2) the consignee and notifying party on the bill of lading shall be Iraq only and shall not be a foreign party. The consignee shall have a valid import license in Iraq.
3) after berthing the vessel at Umm Qasr port, the customs shall not amend the manifest.

Second, notes for certificate of origin and invoice consular certification
As for the export of goods to Iraq, enterprises should pay attention to the application for "certificate of origin and invoice consular certification" :
1) if the consignee is Iraqi national oil company, the enterprise shall submit three auxiliary materials, namely the copy of the contract, the certificate of conformity (COC or COI) and the engineering inspection certificate, without submitting the import license;
2) if the consignee is an Iraqi state-owned company (non-oil), the enterprise shall submit two auxiliary materials, namely a copy of the contract and a certificate of compliance (COC or COI), without submitting an import license;
3) if the consignee is a private enterprise (non-state owned), compliance certificate (COC or COI) and import license, if the invoice value exceeds usd 1 million, a copy of the contract shall be provided.

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