Sulfur limit is coming. Desulfurization tower start for ship parts

Date of issue:2019-09-25 16:53
Here comes the sulfur limit

As the effective date of the sulfur limit comes into force in 2020, the trend of ships using low-sulfur oil or installing scrubbers to cope with the sulfur limit is becoming increasingly obvious. Relevant personage analysis, 2020 "limit sulfur" request ships from January 1, 2020 in the non-emission control area activities from the use of sulfur content of no more than 3.5% bunker fuel oil to the use of sulfur content of no more than 0.5% bunker fuel oil.
In addition, the fact that fuel suppliers have not made it clear for some time whether they can supply sufficient quantities of compliant, low-sulphur oil to the market has also prompted some owners to opt for desulfurisation towers.
If the price difference between high sulfur oil and low sulfur oil continues to increase in the future, from the perspective of cost, the installation of desulfurization tower will undoubtedly be more attractive.

What is a desulfurization tower? Below follow cheng ye jun through a few groups of photos to know

It is understood that as the effective date of the "sulfur limit order" in 2020 approaches, shipyards at ports in shandong are also busy, so it seems that it is a general trend for ships to install desulfurization towers. Recently, our company has undertaken the multi-single desulfurization tower ship supply business of Qingdao port by the "sulfur limit order". From customs clearance, loading and unloading, to bulk transport, and then to ship delivery, our company has achieved seamless docking. We welcome companies with related businesses to negotiate and cooperate, looking forward to your call.
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