Gold second processing trade know how much?

Date of issue:2019-05-19 17:53
Gold 2 overview
       Gold ii manual, account book, non-priced equipment, outward processing and other modules have been piloted in Qingdao, zhengzhou, nanjing, ningbo and other customs on January, 2018.
       From June 1, 2019, the establishment of huangdao customs processing trade manual shall, in principle, be conducted through the jinguan ii processing trade management system.
       From August 1, 2019, the huangdao customs processing trade manual will be established through the jinguan ii processing trade management system.
                                                                      Processing trade management system composition
      1. Manual management system for processing trade
      2. Processing trade account book management system
      3. Customs special supervision area management system
      4. Bonded logistics management system
      5. Bonded circulation management system
      6. Bonded comprehensive management system
      7. Bonded monitoring and analysis system
      8. Free trade test zone customs administration (Shanghai) system
Processing trade management system innovation function
      1. List of innovation notes.
      2. Combined with the requirements of material number management, risk analysis, intelligent operation and hierarchical management, new manual management was created based on the three             links of account building, account deduction and account verification.
      3. Internet + bonded supervision, customs and enterprise interaction. Simplify customs declaration procedures, implement the whole process of information, paperless, intelligent operations.
      4. Added destruction, disaster bonded goods, materials and other information modules.
Processing trade management system features
      1. Integration of account type
      2. Material number level management
      3. Manage the audit list
      4. Intelligent audit operations
Matters needing attention
      1. A single window is applied to provide manual input and EXECL import functions, which do not need to increase capital investment.
      2. Enterprises are allowed to develop interface programs by themselves, which are optional actions of enterprises.
      3. "declaration of single consumption" shall be declared as "before the declaration of single consumption", except for enterprises that have been approved by the customs before the declaration of single                      consumption, other enterprises shall be declared as "before the declaration of single consumption" in principle.
      4. For "entry and exit port", the code of the 4-digit customs area subordinate to the customs shall be filled in in detail. The code of the customs area directly under the customs administration shall not be filled            in in general.
      5. "tangible loss rate" and "intangible loss rate" are two columns for the enterprise to fill in (both are required items), and the enterprise shall declare separately according to the provisions.
      6. There is no upper limit on the number of items in the declaration list, but the number of items in the declaration list is limited. The number of items in the declaration list after the merger of the bonded                    declaration list shall not exceed 50 items.

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