How do individuals import cars?

Date of issue:2019-05-19 18:17
Since its establishment in 2000, chengye logistics has been striving to establish a learning-oriented organization and build a learning-oriented enterprise. At the same time, to give play to each employee's knowledge and expertise and expand the employee's knowledge scope, it has been continuously opening a business knowledge lecture hall -- chengye small class.
 There are often tuhao asked small make up, said he studied abroad or work, whether they can buy a car in a foreign country into the domestic for their own use, small make up individual is also a car enthusiast, today's chengye small class will take you to learn about the "personal use of vehicles management regulations series"
-- regulations on the administration of vehicles for self-use by high-level personnel studying abroad and overseas experts in science and technology.

Who can enter the self-use vehicles?

Answer: high-level overseas students returned to China and overseas science and technology experts came to work in China.

What are the requirements?

Answer: how is high-level personnel identified? One is the high-level personnel studying abroad and overseas experts of science and technology identified by the ministry of human resources and social security, ministry of education or authorized departments (collectively referred to as high-level personnel); Second, return to China to settle down or work in China for at least one consecutive year (including one year).

Requirements for inbound vehicles

Answer:  only cars, off-road vehicles, small passenger cars with 9 seats or less.

What information is provided?

Answer: competent customs examination standards (certificates to be checked) :
1. Identification certificates of high-level talents issued by the ministry of human resources and social security, the ministry of education or their authorized departments;
2. Fill in the application form for inward and outward self-use articles of the customs of the People's Republic of China;
3. Valid entry and exit identification;
4. Long-term residence certificate in China or "expert certificate for returning to China";
5. A written application submitted to the competent customs by the applicant himself or on behalf of another person.

What follow-up supervision requirements does the customs have for vehicles?

Answer :1. The self-use motor vehicles imported from overseas by high-level talents according to relevant regulations belong to the vehicles under customs supervision and are subject to customs supervision according to law;
2. The term of supervision shall be one year, during which no transaction, transfer or other use shall be allowed;
3. Upon expiration of the term of supervision, an application may be filed to the competent customs for the lifting of supervision.

File based on

Answer :1. Administrative measures of the customs of the People's Republic of China on the administration of inbound and outbound articles for high-level talents studying abroad and overseas scientific and technological experts working in China, order no. 154 of the general administration of customs
2. Order of the general administration of customs no. 194 "measures of the customs of the People's Republic of China on the control of inward and outward articles for self-use by non-resident long-term passengers"

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