To: our youth

Date of issue:2019-05-19 18:10
With the quickening of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure, the physical quality of employees is particularly important.
Qingdao zhonggangtong supply chain group co., ltd. starts from caring for the health of employees and cooperates with Qingdao meinian university health examination center in order to ensure the health of employees, create a good working and living environment and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. On May 18th, a special bus will be arranged to pick up the employees and give them a comprehensive physical examination.
Qingdao zhonggangtong supply chain group co. Through the staff health examination, let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of their own physical conditions, to do no disease to strengthen prevention, early detection of illness, to provide health protection for the staff, at the same time to take care of the work of the staff. The thoughtful and considerate medical activities for inspection personnel unanimously praised disclosed, the staff have said, it is necessary to the annual physical examination, let everybody know your physical condition in time, targeted prevention, strengthen physical exercise, in a more healthy body and mind into the work actively, meet new challenges, for the company's development contribute their strength.

Company leaders also prepared a big lunch for the employees


A group photo

Show health; Beautiful food; Show your physical level.


To: our youth
Youth is an unchangeable book, we need to write carefully, leaving our glorious life record.
Stick to the dream of youth, walk the road under the feet, do not fear difficult, refuse to decadent, yangfan, to pursue the dream, youth without regret.
This is our salute to youth.

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