The responsibility of fire fighting is heavier than the mountain

Date of issue:2019-05-19 18:01
China - Hong Kong tong group fire drill a complete success

On April 15, near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, hundreds of people knelt to pray, some sobbing, some with tears in their eyes. "Today is a sad day for all parisians and we pray for the Notre Dame cathedral fire to be put out as soon as possible," said nicola. German chancellor Angela merkel said on social media: "the fire at Notre Dame cathedral is tragic. It is a symbol of French and European culture." It's a pity that this building is more than a thousand years old.


April 2019 is the safety month of China Hong Kong communications group. The regular operation is the working principle of every employee, and fire safety is also the top priority. Fire and water are relentless. Through fire drills, we can strengthen the emergency response capacity of each of us, nip the danger in the bud and minimize the risk.


Grouping responsibilities
The division of labor makes clear the responsibility to the people
All hands went out to extinguish the fire


Explanation of professional knowledge
Explain how to use fire extinguishers
Detailed fire drill the whole process


Explain the principle and use of fire extinguishers

1. Check whether the pressure gauge pointer is in the green area.
2. Lift the fire extinguisher.
3. Unplug the safety pin
4. Aim at the root of the flame.
5. Once pressed to the end, aim at the root of the fire until the flame is completely extinguished.

Fire detected, evacuate immediately.
Familiar with the environment, face the danger without fear.
Stay calm and know your direction.
No danger, no gain.
Cover your nose and crawl.
Make good use of the aisle, not the elevator.
Shelter, hold fast for help.
Send a signal for help.
Don't panic now that the fire has reached you.
Slow down and save yourself.
The correct alarm method for emergency evacuation
Escape the time to call the fire alarm 119 in a timely manner, not panic, when the alarm to explain the detailed address, fire site, ignition material, fire size, alarm name and telephone number, and sent to the intersection to meet the fire truck.


The fire fighting team ACTS quickly, using fire extinguishers and hydrants, standing in the upper air, away from the source of fire, so as to avoid burns and scald, emergency initial fire fighting

Save group


After the fire drill, manager zhang made a speech to further emphasize the four fire capabilities
1. Check the ability to eliminate fire hazards
2. Ability to organize initial fire fighting
3. Ability to organize evacuation
4. Ability of fire control propaganda, education and training

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