Transportation safety is no small matter, safety responsibility is heavy

Date of issue:2019-06-20 11:26
Shing industry finished is cheng logistics industry subordinates to domestic logistics transport of goods for the main business department, has its own and affiliated box under customs control vehicles more than 10 units, container fleet agreement more than 30, the vehicle more than 200 sets, long engaged in container transport, customs supervision transportation, bulk cargo transportation, bulk transportation, machinery and equipment lifting, short sea air cargo barge, warehousing and distribution, such as transport, to Qingdao as the center, radiation in all major cities of the country's public/rail freight network.
Safety awareness and implementation
    Safety is the first priority of transportation, the foundation of all business and the embodiment of customer satisfaction experience; Including personnel safety, cargo safety, transportation safety, pay attention to traffic safety, is the obligation of every one of us, but also the responsibility of every one of us.  
To fully improve the legal consciousness of the traffic participants, safety consciousness and civilization consciousness, effectively prevent the happening of the major workplace road traffic accidents, ensure the security of people, goods, positive response to the west coast of Qingdao, new city committee, Qingdao the committee office of the national transportation 18 the overall deployment of a "safe production month" activities, the west coast of new transport department has established "the west coast of Qingdao, new city transportation system" safety production month "activities in 2019, our company actively earnest implementation:

First, hold special deployment security meeting, do a good job of publicity.
Second, vigorously create the atmosphere, WeChat platform and other multimedia forms to create the "safe production month" activity atmosphere, strengthen the safety awareness of employees.
Third, strictly implement vehicle safety hidden trouble screening treatment. Ensure the stability of the vehicle, damaged parts timely replacement, the vehicle does not take the disease on the road, to ensure the safety of driving.
Four, Strengthen information submission, clarify safety liaison personnel, timely submit relevant information to the traffic administration bureau, and earnestly participate in the safety study organized by the traffic administration bureau. Participate in emergency drill observation activities to promote emergency management.

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