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Date of issue:2019-06-10 18:13
In recent years, with the increasing volume of import and export trade, in order to ease the pressure on foreign trade, optimize the cross-border business environment and promote the stable development of foreign trade, the general administration of customs took the initiative to launch the "two-step declaration" reform on the basis of the national customs basically realizing the integration of national customs clearance. Qingdao customs has been included in the pilot customs. Qingdao chengye international logistics is dedicated to the interpretation of the two-step declaration policy. We have any questions about the policy can consult division I, Qingdao chengye international logistics for your dedicated service to answer!

What is a two-step declaration?

On June 12, 2019, the executive meeting of the state council proposed: "continue to simplify the integrated customs clearance process, implement the reform of the" two-step declaration "customs clearance mode of import summary declaration and complete declaration, and greatly reduce the customs clearance time." Under the "two-step declaration" customs clearance mode, the enterprise divided 105 declaration items into two steps
The first step is the summary declaration
For goods that do not involve import control, inspection or quarantine, enterprises only need to declare 9 items and confirm 2 logistics items. For those involved in import control, inspection or quarantine, 2 and 5 items shall be added to the declaration respectively. For the taxable items, the required guarantee record number shall be selected. If the goods do not need to be inspected, they can be removed. If the tax-related goods have been submitted for tax guarantee, or the customs has completed the inspection of the goods, they may also be withdrawn.
Step 2 complete declaration
The enterprise shall apply for other items within the prescribed time and go through customs formalities such as tax payment. Under the "two-step declaration" customs clearance mode, enterprises do not need to submit all declaration information and documents at one time. The whole declaration process can be divided into two steps. The basic process mentioned above: advance transmission of manifest -- summary declaration of > -- entry inspection of > -- withdrawal of goods of > -- complete declaration of > -- relevant formalities of > -- customs clearance of >.

What is the goal of "two-step declaration"?

"Two-step declaration" is an efficient, convenient, flexible and open customs clearance mode added on the basis of retaining the original declaration mode. The main objective of the "two-step declaration" is to implement the reform requirements of the state council on "delegating control and services", meet the needs of enterprises for fast clearance of imported goods, further improve the efficiency of customs clearance at ports, and continuously optimize the business environment

What are the advantages of the two-step declaration or the convenience it brings to the enterprise?

"Two-step declaration" further "pushes forward and moves back" the customs supervision link, so as to minimize or even not interfere in the logistics. For enterprises, there are mainly the following advantages: faster pickup speed, reduced the time of goods in the dock, and reduced import costs.
1. More time to prepare customs declaration materials and reduce declaration errors.
2. Enterprises can choose the "two-step declaration" or the existing mode by themselves, so as to enhance the flexibility and autonomy of selection.
3. "two-step declaration" provides diversified customs clearance services for enterprises, effectively reduces the economic and time cost of customs clearance for enterprises at cargo ports, further simplifies the process and improves the efficiency of customs clearance.

What is the difference between the two-step declaration and the existing declaration?

"Two steps to declare" mode compared with the existing declaration mode has the following: 1. The "point to declare" into a "declaration", enterprises need not one-time fill in full, but according to the information provided step by step, summary report link only to declare "9 + 2 + N" (declaration of nine basic project, confirm two logistics project, if the card, wade added respectively corresponding to declare project), and other projects in the complete declaration added. 2. Goods pick-up and departure shall be accelerated. After the first step of declaration, if the goods do not need to be inspected, the goods can be removed from the place under customs supervision. 3. Tax guarantee innovation. Relying on the social credit system, establish the guarantee system of summary declaration. 4. The concept of supervision has been changed to adhere to the "notification commitment system". Enterprises shall confirm whether they are involved in the certification, inspection and tax by themselves in the preliminary declaration.

Before applying, what preparation should the enterprise do?


How to apply for tax guarantee

The enterprise shall issue the application form without format (the main content reflects the application for tax guarantee due to the two-step declaration requirements) to the competent customs, and submit the application to the competent department of the customs directly under the administration of customs.

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