Where's all the stuff from customs?

Date of issue:2019-06-10 18:12
Where did the customs confiscate go
Is it a common "smuggle sale" in the circle of friends?
Or the so-called "internal customs" handling claimed by netizens who do not know the truth?
China - Hong Kong pass to show you.

What are the main items confiscated by the customs?
According to the regulations on the administration of property involved in customs cases (trial), the property confiscated by the customs mainly includes:
(1) smuggled or illegal goods and articles;
(2) the proceeds of illegal crimes and the fruits thereof;
(3) smuggling, means of transport against the law and other means used to commit illegal and criminal ACTS;
(4) goods, articles and means of transport that are to be used to offset price changes and to be paid for the purpose of fulfilling the decision on administrative penalty of the customs.

What does customs confiscate article basically have to deal with means?

Public auction
Except as otherwise stipulated by national laws and regulations or unsuitable for public auction due to special circumstances, the customs shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the auction law, adopt public auction, which is the main way for the customs to deal with confiscated materials. The customs shall, according to the processing schedule, entrust auction houses to hold auctions irregularly and publicly dispose of the confiscated items. All proceeds from the auctions shall be turned over to the state Treasury.

Directionally auctioned
For example, refined oil confiscated by the customs in accordance with the law shall be sold to China national petroleum corporation (CNPC) or the petroleum wholesale enterprises affiliated to China petrochemical corporation (sinopec) for unified purchase in accordance with relevant regulations.

The destruction
The seized pornographic articles, illegally published audio and video products, illegal publicity materials, smuggled cigarettes, import and export goods that are not qualified for inspection or cannot be licensed for sanitation shall be destroyed and disposed of.

Transfer to competent authorities
Cultural relics confiscated, endangered animals and plants and their products shall be handed over to competent administrative departments for handling according to law.

How to participate in the public auction of customs confiscated articles?

Follow auction information
The customs auction announcement can be consulted through the "information open column" of the portal website of the general administration of customs or news media such as newspapers. The main contents include: auction location, auction time, auction targets, sample viewing time, auction house contact person and other relevant information.

Know the auction channel
The customs took the initiative to adapt to the "Internet plus" reform wave, and actively explored and used public online platforms to organize public auctions of property involved. In the past two years, the customs has repeatedly organized public auctions on the auction platforms of taobao and jingdong.

Bidders are required to submit documents
● the enterprise legal person needs to provide: business license, legal person certificate, power of attorney, the bidder's own resident identity card;
● individual enterprises need to provide: business license, the bidder's resident identity card;
● individual bidding needs to provide: bidder's own id card.

Can customs confiscated items be sold privately through "internal relations"?

The customs applies scientific and technological means to manage the property involved in the case, and adopts strict security measures such as 24-hour uninterrupted video monitoring inside and outside the storage warehouse. The information of the property involved in the case, such as storage, disposal and delivery, etc. is all incorporated into the system management.

The customs shall auction confiscated articles in strict accordance with the auction law; Customs internal discipline stipulates that customs officers and their families shall not purchase confiscated goods.
So, those so-called customs confiscate goods on the network "low price sales", "internal channels", "quietly processing" are fictitious, consumers do not temporarily greedy, trap.
Pie in the sky, there are traps on the ground, Hong Kong tong reminds you not to be greedy for small and cheap losses

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